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Here's what you get:
  • Dietician designed nutrition plan
  • 8 Weekly coaching emails
  • A new food idea focus each week (more below)
  • Facebook group for check-ins & support
  • Downloadable progress chart & journal
And we'll be there with expert advice & encouragement!

Sign up by Monday 25 May 2015


Recruit your friends as new registrations

Introduce a friend to our 8 Week Challenge and they can join you in the Challenge for more support & results.

Tell them to register with us by 25th May for a Start Date of 1st June.

New Registrations - email: or call Lorraine on 0400 081 123

We will offer them additional benefits, fitness sessions & motivation.


New food ideas every week in the Challenge?

Build your perfect diet for amazing results!   
  • Week 1 - Pantry makeover
  • Week 2 - Dinner success
  • Week 3 - Best breakfast
  • Week 4 - Smart snacking
  • Week 5 - Lunches to love
  • Week 6 - Dessert time
  • Week 7 - Leftover magic
  • Week 8 - Entertainer treats
Plus, a weekly food challenge to try something new.

1-Minute Mindset Makeover

Can you boost your motivation in just one minute? You can certainly give it a shot by answering just two questions (we can all do with reminding of).

Try not to skim over these, but pause & reflect. 

Why is wellbeing IMPORTANT to me? 

What is your very personal reason for eating well & exercising?

What are you trying to avoid happening if you don't make your wellbeing a priority?

What are the benefits of eating well & exercising both now & long-term?

Picture yourself enjoying these benefits.

Now, fill in the gaps "I'm doing this because ............... is important to me & it's worth it... I'm worth it."

What can I do to feel more CONFIDENT of success?

Being healthy is so important, but you also have to feel confident you can make it happen.

What actions or skills will help? Is it making a weekly menu? Is it writing down your goals? Is it recruiting support?

Take the practical steps you need to put things in place that make wellbeing happen for you.

Finish this sentence, "I'm confident I can do it because.............." 

Not feeling confident?

If when you are answering the questions above you see barriers, you can sign into the online forum for resources or ask for advice in the online discussion.

Jump into our 8 Week Winter Challenge for a boost.

We're here to help with solutions for many common challenges or roadblocks & want to see you succeed.


What people are saying

"This program teaches people how to eat nutritiously and takes the 'food as a reward' focus out by making people understand what is good for them and the implications of eating 'extras'. Great program!" - Michelle Gossage

Surprise yourself in our 8-Week Winter Challenge.

I want you to 'surprise' yourself at what you can achieve over just 8 weeks. Sure, it takes a little effort, but the pay-offs are amazing. 'Surprise' is that feeling when you achieve something you thought you couldn't or become someone you thought you weren't. I'm already excited to support you, along with our Official Partners over winter.
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