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  • Winter Weight Loss!

8 Week Winter Weight Loss Program

Hey, we hope you're having a great week so far!
On June 15th we're exactly 165 days into the year leaving us with only 200 days of 2017! In 3 days Winter arrives and with that often the dreaded weight gain. This is why every year around this time we have our 6 Week Winter Weight Loss Program.

Next Monday June 5th we launch into our Winter Weight Loss Program that includes all the key components to get results including training, nutrition, mindset and 24/7 support and motivation.

It's the exact program that has helped kick start some of our best and most amazing transformations.
It works like this. We run 20 Fitness sessions a week and we ask that you commit to a minimum of three. Follow the meal plan we give you (put together by Dietician/ Nutritionist Matt O’Neill) and stick to what's outlined in the easy to follow 8 week plan.

The training is always varied, fun and you'll never do the same session twice. Our training environment is very welcoming with every person there encouraging you to do your best.
On a programme like this you can expect to lose 5-10 kilograms and 10-20 centimetres. The program is catered for all fitness levels and is run by friendly, experienced trainers who actually care about you and your results

Don't dread the inevitable cold weather and weight gain. Train indoors, feel great and get amazing results in just 8 weeks.


Registrations are closing on Thursday 1st June.  Don’t miss out.  Contact Lorraine 0400 081 123 or email: 

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Class Timetable!

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