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Winter Motivation

With the onset of the colder weather, it can be harder to find the motivation to stay focused on your fitness routine, whatever that may be. Don’t let the short days and the "brrr" of the coldest months get you down. It’s a great time to keep feeling fit, energised, healthy and happy this winter. View the chilly temperature as invigorating, not inconvenient. Go for intensity rather than duration in winter and your body will thank you for it, trust me. In fact, research done in London shows that just 2.5 hours of vigorous activity each week can reduce your chance of contracting the flu!

So if sculpting lean muscle, burning fat and toning up your body are things you would like to maintain over Winter in the lead up to Spring and Summer, or work towards, we have got the right type of workouts to help you get there with our Total Body Workouts. Need to get some built up stress of the week off your chest? Why not do our Saturday 8:30am Boxing session to really punch out your frustration. Pilates and Yoga classes are a gentler workout and will also help you reach your goals. In our last newsletter we profiled Karla our Pilates Teacher - in this edition read what Frank our Yoga Teacher has to say.

This newsletter is designed to motivate you to keep moving and eating like a champ as the colder weather sets in. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did come Spring!

Also in this newsletter:
  • Special Offer - FREE 21 Day Kickstart Healthy Eating Guide (see below)
  • Client Profiles: Nikita & Melinda -  Gain some inspiration from these two busy and hardworking mums. They are living proof that factoring in the time to exercise and look after yourself needs to become second nature and a habit.
  • 3pm Slump Snacks
  • Say Bye Bye to Cellulite
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May you spend this month doing what makes you happy, which involves moving your body. Stay warm, happy and healthy!

Lorraine x

Yoga – Turn Stress into Success...

3 Evening Classes Every Week
Take us up on one of our complimentary trial Yoga classes. Click here for more info and see what Frank our Yoga instructor has to say about his Yoga sessions.

Client Profile: Nikita

Nikita is a busy Mum who runs her own small business as a beauty therapist. Click here to read what she has to say about her Total Body Workout classes.

3pm Slump Snacks

If you, like many, are looking for something to nibble on to beat the 3pm energy slump, check out this list of snacks to combat that drop in afternoon energy. This go-to list will help you with some ideas to keep the pangs at bay whilst looking after your body.

Special Offer

FREE 21 Day Kickstart Healthy Eating Guide
Maintaining good health over the winter months is extremely important in staying healthy. I have a very special offer for all our valued clients, a complimentary 21 day kickstart healthy eating guide designed by a nutritionist. To get your FREE copy, simply email me. This is a great freebie, get in quick!

Melinda’s 7-Week Post Birth Blog

We catch up with Melinda who has recently returned to training after having her second baby 7 weeks ago. Click here to read more.

Say Bye Bye to Cellulite

Clean eating is super important for overall health and kicking cellulite in the butt – excuse the pun! Check out this article on “Bye Bye Cellulite” for more information and tips.
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