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Welcome to Term 3

Let us help you stay motivated all winter!
So here we are in the middle of yet another cold Melbourne winter.  If you, like me, find your motivation slipping as the weather turns more bleak, it’s time to put some steps into action to help you get and/or stay motivated. How long can you skip exercise before it has an impact? A week of zero exercise wont do too much damage, but any longer and the kilos could creep on. A recent university study showed your metabolism can slow by 4% if you rest for just over a week, which equates to 0.9kg gain in a fortnight. Muscle strength is preserved initially, but after two to four weeks, you’ll see losses in strength and muscle size.

Recognising what type of exercise you like to do and at what time of the day is really important to help you put a routine in place and more importantly stick to it. Consistency is key here. Planning your workouts ensures that they get done which saves you feeling guilty for not fitting it in to your life, not to mention all the great benefits you get from being active. Luckily, we have 17 weekly classes on our timetable that vary from fitness and strength training, boxing, pilates and yoga. We have something for everybody.

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Once again welcome to Term 3 and to all the new faces, a warm welcome. We know it will be another awesome journey for us all. Enjoy whatever it is that you do with The Leading Edge. We are always interested in your feedback, so please share it by sending me an email.

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Do you sit down for many hours each day?

Do you know sitting for prolonged periods can shorten your life? There are many benefits of standing to work rather than sitting. This got me thinking and the more research I did the more I was convinced this was a move I had to introduce to my working day. READ MORE...

Client Profile: Linda & Jordan

Click here to read Linda and Jordan's mother and daughter motivation story and how training together at The Leading Edge has improved their health and fitness.

Recipe: Spicy Grilled Prawn Skewers

Eating spicy foods containing ingredients like chilli and cayenne pepper is known to raise the metabolic rate, which can lead to a greater ability to burn fat. This simple recipe for Spicy Grilled Prawn Skewers is a tasty, low calorie dinner option perfect for cold nights.
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