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The Easiest Way to Enjoy Decadent Raclette: Raclette Slices from Mifroma
There’s nothing like rich melting raclette to bring friends and family around the table. An authentic Swiss dining experience, raclette is a wintertime staple in the Alps. The firm, pungent cow’s milk cheese’s name comes from the French verb "to scrape." Alpine shepherds would warm wheels over hot stones, then scrape the bubbling goodness onto potatoes for a satisfying, delicious meal.
It’s a tradition that has been perfected and elevated throughout the years, and these pre-sliced portions are ready to melt and enjoy. Potatoes are classic, but the cheese is also wonderful over cured meats and charcuterie, cornichon, and veggies. These slices are also great for raclette grills and all sorts of sandwiches. As the cheese softens, it releases the wonderful aroma and flavor of the Alps.
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