Smoked Maasdam w/ Jalapeño, Mill Dance BELGIUM
Product Details: #193022 | 4/6 lb

Smoked & Spiced

Maasdam, a relatively recent cow’s milk creation (cheese-genealogically speaking, that is), was first made in 1984 and quickly gained popularity to become its own category of cheese due to its buttery-mild, nutty and sweet flavor. Maasdam requires only one week to fully mature, making it very cost effective as well as delicious.
Dutch Mill Dance Smoked Maasdam with Jalapeño starts with only all natural cheese before incorporating locally sourced Jalapeño peppers that meet their high quality standards.  Once formed into a cylindrical shape, the cheese is then slowly and naturally smoked in traditional brick ovens over smoldering, aromatic hickory chips.  This careful process encases the cheese’s interior with an earthy, edible brown rind.  The skillfully achieved ratio of hot-peppery, nutty-sweet and smoky flavors mingle enticingly in each bite.
Application: Shaped perfectly for cubing, snacking, slicing for sandwiches or spicing up a cheeseboard.  Soft, supple and very melt-able, Smoked Maasdam with Jalapeño will add a smooth, creamy kick to grilled or baked dishes as well.
Pairing: A refreshing beer is the favored pairing.  Try a Lager or a Pale Ale.
Arborio Rice by Cremonesi ITALY
Product Details: #059724 | 10/1 kg

Perfect pairings

Named after the town of Arborio in Italy’s Po Valley where this short-grain rice is grown, Arborio Rice is best known as the basis for risotto dishes.  Riso means rice in Italian.
Pearly-white in color with a plump, round shape, this member of the grass family is distinguished for having a higher than normal amount of soluble starch that is released during cooking.  The released starch is responsible for the rich creaminess associated with risotto dishes, but this complex carbohydrate also maintains an “al dente” texture that completes the experience of eating traditional, Italian risotto. 

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