Garrotxa by Mogent SPAIN
Product Details: #563047 | 6/2.5 lb

Saved from Extinction

Due to Spain’s farming policy reforms in the mid 20th century, Garrotxa, an ancient Catalonian goat’s milk cheese, almost ceased production entirely by 1980. Thankfully artisanal cheesemakers from the cheese’s namesake area rescued the special formatge (Catalan for cheese) from extinction and this beautiful cheese is thriving today.
Garrotxa, the most eastern part of the Spanish Pyrenees, extends down the mountain foothills to the Mediterranean Seashore. The abundant regional rainfall causes high humidity in the cooler mountain air, producing fertile lands on which the goats graze. Their rich milk imparts the mild, milky flavored paste with a sweet nuttiness, hints of herbs and a touch of earthiness. Aged in cellars with low humidity, each piece ripens for at least 30 days. The unique curing environment aids the growth of the light, velvety blue-grey mold that forms naturally on the rind, and highlights Garrotxa’s semi-firm, moist, smooth yet almost flaky texture.
Typically aged for 3 or 4 weeks, Garrotxa is a striking small round with an approachable, woodsy aroma and a melt-on-the-tongue taste that lingers with a clean, slightly tangy finish.
Application: A wonderful table cheese with a rustic, farmhouse look, Garrotxa is delightful with crusty bread, olives, nuts and fresh fruit.
Pairing: Try it with Cava, the delightful refreshing sparkling wine of Spain. For red wine, try an assertive Priorat from the neighboring Catalonia region. Garrotxa is a very wine-friendly cheese.

Application: Delamere Goat Butter can be used in exactly the same ways as any other butter. Ideal for spreading on toast or dinner roles, it is great melted on potatoes and vegetables, used in baking or any other cooking application calling for butter.

Mini Anchovies in Soy Oil by White Crown CHILE
Product Details: #257588 | 12/28 oz

Perfect pairings

Packed in soy oil, these mini salt-cured filleted anchovies are easy to refrigerate or store in a cool place, and are ready to add meaty depth to a wide range of dishes. Well known for their bold, salty savoriness, anchovies are most often identified as a pizza topping, an antipasto ingredient or an essential element of Caesar Salad. However, these delicious little fish enhance everything they touch including: sauces, dips, soups, stews, pasta, polenta dishes and sandwiches. Tasty on their own, White Crown Mini Anchovies are also great for blending with butter for a simple, flavorful spread. Join our social networks!
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