Beemster Medium Exact Weight  
by Beemster
Product Details: #733167 | 12/5.3 OZ

Everyday Cheese

At 6 months, Medium is Beemster’s semi-firm, intermediately aged cheese. The name Medium is also in consideration of this cheese’s indicatively Dutch and accessible taste that makes it the preferred cheese at all daily meals by Beemster Cooperative farmers.
Beemster Medium is the most reached for daily use cheese because it has a mild enough tang to go with most everything and everyone, but its naturally rich, smooth and extreme creaminess is a pure representative of Beemster’s outstanding, traditional flavor.
Application: And ideal snacking cheese, Beemster Medium can be sliced, shredded, or melted for simple cheese sandwiches and an addition to salads or for more complex incorporations such as quiche, crepe, veal or pork dishes.
Pairing: Perfect with a refreshing lager beer or a Belgian-style wheat ale.
Parmesan Crackerthins by VPC AUSTRALIA
Product Details: #213520 | 12/5.3 oz

Perfect pairings

The award-winning Valley Produce Company’s passion for creating superior quality products has made them one of the most recognized and prominent gourmet food companies in all of Australia. 
These premium parmesan water crackers have a delicious, delicate taste of real parmesan cheese and are made with the finest, all-natural ingredients, with no added colors, flavors or preservatives. Small batch production ensures flavor and texture consistency and nutritional quality.  Packaged in two stay-fresh sleeves, each Crackerthin’s distinctive, light crispiness and crunch is well maintained.
VPC Parmesan Crackerthins are excellent for cheese platters, are great with jams or dips and go with anything else calling for gourmet crackers.

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