Il Vicere by Zappalà  ITALY
Product Details: #054066 | 1/8.4 Lb

Cultured Fusion

Sicily’s vibrant culture was formed over the millennia from the many different dominions surrounding this centrally and strategically situated Mediterranean island. Zappala’s ovi-caprino (sheep and goat) cheese, Il Viceré (Viceroy), echoes the confluence of distinctive influences that combine to form an original, Sicilian creation.
A custodian of Sicily’s rich dairy traditions, Zappala regards each cheese as a precious asset to protect. Il Viceré begins with the highest quality, exclusively Sicilian, pasteurized goat and sheep’s milk. The carefully crafted mixed-milk cheese is infused with whole zingy black peppercorns and exotic saffron for a Sicilian specialty with a delicate and complex balance of savory, spicy and fragrant flavors. It is not a taste that will overpower with pungency.
With its rich saffron-yellow interior studded with black peppercorns, Il Viceré is as beautiful to behold as the striking land it is from.
Application: Il Viceré is perfect for a table cheese, but its refined, subtle complexities will also lend distinguished flavor to rice, grain and other cooking applications. Il Viceré adds depth to salads, sandwiches and gourmet pizza.
Pairing: Sicily’s Etna Rosso, the PDO red wine of Mount Etna based on the nerello mascalese grape, will complement the savory and spicy flavors of Il Viceré.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Frantoio by Melchiorri ITALY
Product Details: #050669 | 6/750 mL

Perfect pairings

Oleificio Melchiorri, located in Italy’s beautiful heartland region of Umbria, has been making premiere olive oils for over 50 years. Umbria is well known for having a climate perfect for growing some of Italy’s most distinguished olive varietals.
Respecting ancient Umbrian tradition, Frantoio (pronounced “Fran-toy-o” and meaning “oil mill” in English) Moraiolo and Leccino olives are handpicked right from the trees, then crushed in a customary granite millstone. After the first cold press, Melchiorri’s exquisite Extra Virgin Frantoio Olive Oil is achieved with a combination of 65% Frantoio, 25% Moraiolo and 10% Leccino olives used. This ratio creates an olive oil with medium pungency and a delicious, very fruity taste with slightly spicy notes notes. Melchiorri Extra Virgin Frantoio Olive Oil is perfect for Bruschetta, Salads, Fish and Vegetables.


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