Extra Mature Scottish Cheddar
by Mull of Kintyre
Product Details: #204910 | 12/7 oz, #204947 | 1/44 Lb

Angel Kissed

Two-time International Cheese Awards Gold winner, Mull of Kintyre Cheddar is handcrafted by the notable Campbeltown Creamery. Named for the remote, picturesque and lush Kintyre peninsula in Southwestern Scotland where the creamery is located, mull is a term most commonly heard in Scotland’s Southwest for the tree-bare tip of a promontory or peninsula.

Since the early 1900s, Campbeltown Creamery has been renown for producing traditional cheeses using only the purest local Scottish milk. But Campbeltown also has another rather mysterious distinction. The creamery stands where two Malt Whiskey distilleries once stood. Folklore says resident angels would sample and perfect the whiskey, giving rise to the term “angel’s share” for the mystifying disappearance of a portion of whiskey from each cask as it aged. And the legend lives on in the wonderfully rich and unique flavor of Mull of Kintyre, which must be (it is believed) in part due to enhancement by those same angels.

Matured for a minimum of 14 months then hand-selected at peak maturity for the fullest flavor, Mull of Kintyre is a sweet, tangy cheddar, made to a long established recipe. Naturally forming calcium lactate crystals can be seen on the surface of the cheese, which adds to the much sought after “cheddar crunch” and Mull of Kintyre’s unique sharp flavor.

Applicaton: Mull of Kintyre is ideal on a cheeseboard and goes deliciously with fruit chutney, fresh fruit, namely plums, grapes and apples, dried fruit, especially apricots and raisins, pecans and honey. 

Pairing: Try with light, fruity reds like Barbera D’Asti or a Cru Beaujolais or dark beer, like a Porter.
Amarena Cherries in Syrup by Toschi ITALY
Product Details: #050625 | 6/10.6 oz Jar

Perfect pairings

The Amarena cherry is a unique delight. Small, deep rouge in color and slightly sour in taste, the cherry is from Italy’s northern region of Modena, also the birthplace of balsamic vinegar. Toschi carefully hand-selects and pits the cherries using the same process since 1945. Today, just as sixty years ago, they are semi-candied and ready to garnish desserts, cakes and add to any cheese board.

Application: These sweet delights are perfect to garnish cocktails, ice cream and to pair with soft, young cheeses like blue cheese, Robiola, Mascarpone and brie. Try using the sweet syrup that remains for refreshing drinks, popsicles or water ices!

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