Welsh Cheddar, Collier's WALES
Product Details: #204935 | 12/7 oz

Strong and Sensational

COLLIER’S Powerful Welsh Cheddar is made by master cheese-makers at a single creamery in the beautiful Welsh mountains of Denbighshire, but is named for those who practiced their dangerous trade deep underground. Coal mining features proudly and prominently in Welsh history and the preferred food of the colliers (miners) was cheese: an easy to keep, no waste, key source of nutrition that kept colliers going as they worked the dark, hazardous mines. Powerfully flavored cheese penetrated the pervasive coal dust and allowed the miners to actually savor lunch, often the only break in their long, strenuous days.
Multiple award-winning COLLIER’S is made to a closely guarded, traditional recipe that passionately captures the integrity and preference of that bygone mining era, as well as Wales’ ancient Celtic cheese-making heritage. Every stage of the COLLIER’S cheese-making approach is rigorously quality controlled from the pasteurization of the milk, solely collected from local farms, through the careful maturation method of up to 20 months.
COLLIER’S savory and strong, yet slightly sweet taste releases slowly and smoothly, lingering delightfully on the palate. Visible salt deposits deliver a fine crunch, which contributes to COLLIER’S exceptional character and texture and is indicative of superior aging techniques and high quality. COLLIER’S Powerful Welsh Cheddar reflects both the past and present appreciation for an extraordinary taste sensation.
Application: COLLIER’S is great with cold meats, adds deep flavor to salads and sandwiches and is excellent any time a dramatic cheddar taste is desired.
Pairing: The powerful, tangy and slightly salty flavors work particularly well with a rich, fruity California Cabernet Sauvignon.
Original Crackerthins - Naked Pack
by Valley Produce Company
Product Details: #211023 | 24/3.5 oz

Perfect pairings

Valley Produce Company’s new nakedness is clearly suggestive, offering private labeling opportunities while retaining VPC’s notable stay-fresh packaging.
Innovation and passion for creating superior quality products has made Valley Produce Company one of Australia’s most recognized and prominent gourmet food companies. Their premium Original Crackerthins are made with the finest, all-natural ingredients from the Yarra Valley and always in small batches to ensure flavor and texture consistency, and maintain the utmost nutritional value.
Light, thin and
perfectly crispy, VPC Original Crackerthins have a distinctive taste and crunch ideal for a wide variety of uses including: fine cheeses, spreads, dips and antipasto.

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