Truffel, Dutch Farmer's Cheese HOLLAND
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A Majestic Combination

In ancient times, the treasured truffle graced the tables of kings and queens.  It was said to offer aphrodisiacal or medicinal encouragement on top of its exquisitely unique flavor.  Equally prized today, these rare delicacies are never recklessly squandered but are only joined with the best of the best to create something even better.
This specialty cheese from the Dutch province of Noord-Holland is an irresistible union of authentic Italian black summer truffles and the most celebrated cheese of The Netherlands: Gouda.  Using the famously rich lowland milk of the Dutch countryside, master cheese-makers thicken the pasteurized milk with rennet.  When the curds are cut, drained, washed and reach the exact right consistency, a generous amount of truffles are added.  The truffle-curds are pressed into molds and finally moved to a brine bath to mature for a minimum of five weeks.
The full, rich, buttery characteristics of fine Gouda make a perfect match for the truffle’s distinguished taste.  Gouda with Truffles is an unforgettable fusion of flavor fit for… everyone.
Application: Gouda with Truffles is a cheese tray favorite, but will add expressive dimension when used as an ingredient in omelets, quiches, mac and cheese or any dishes where Gouda would be used.
Pairing: A rustic, full-bodied, red wine is the most appropriate pairing; try a good Cotes du Rhone for value or a nicely aged Barbara from the Piedmont in Northern Italy for elegance.
Apricot Mostarda by Lazzaris ITALY
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Perfect pairings

According to legend, mostarda was first conceived during the middle ages when a slice of melon fell into a spice seller’s barrel of honey.  Discovered a good stretch of time later, the melon was still absolutely delightful, with a perfectly preserved sweet, fresh taste.
Lazzaris may only have started making their outstanding traditional mostardas a little over a century ago, but their award-winning, sweet and spicy delicacies continue to dazzle taste-buds all over the world, generation after generation.
With the basic ingredients: candied fruit and
 mustard oil, Lazzaris creates an incredible array of specialties.  Their Apricot Mostarda Sauce is a delicious and fragrant blend of top quality puréed apricot, mustard oil and sugar.  Apricot Mostarda Sauce can be enjoyed simply with a robust cheese, such as Truffel, Piave, Asiago and Parmigiano Reggiano or with limitless imagination for hot or cold culinary conceptions. 

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