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Beemster Red Pepper: Sweet, Spicy, and Perfect
Beemster has been making fine cheese in Holland’s pristine Beemster Polder for more than 100 years. Their cooperative of farmers takes excellent care of cows that graze on lush pastures, with plenty of space to roam. This sweet, fresh milk gets turned into cheese, then mixed with both sweet bell pepper and crushed red chiles.
Aged for just a month, the young wheels have the high quality and incredible taste we’ve come to expect from Beemster. The semi-firm texture is smooth and creamy. The nutty, mild cheese gets a touch of sweetness from the bell peppers and a subtle kick of heat from the chiles.
Beemster Red Pepper is a superstar melter. We love it grilled with turkey breast, melted on a burger, shredded atop roasted potatoes, and stirred into tomato soup. It adds a rich creaminess and wonderful flavor. Beemster Red Pepper is a welcome addition to any cheese board—and even better served with smoky salumi, marcona almonds, caramelized onion jam and hearty pumpernickel. Savor with Belgian blond ales and fruit-forward wines, which beautifully compliment the cheese’s sweet notes.
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