Crème Fraîche by Devon Cream Company ENGLAND
Product Details: #204615 | 12/6 oz

The Crème Culture

Crème Fraîche (pronounced “fresh” and French for “fresh cream”), originated centuries ago in France to extend the life of fresh cream by slightly souring it with lactic acid bacterium. This gentle fermentation process not only preserved the cream, but also thickened it into a silky-smooth texture and added a sophisticated, nuanced, nutty tang.  Compared to sour cream, Crème Fraîche doesn’t develop a bite, but does have a richer, sweeter and all-around more polished flavor. 
The Devon Cream Company has refined this transformation into a delicious, cultured art. All of The Devon Cream Company’s Crème Fraîche flavors are made solely with pure, Devonshire cream fresh from the local, pampered cows that graze on some of the lushest pasturelands on earth. Adding strawberries or lemons to plain Crème Fraîche elevates it into the realm of delectable sweetness by balancing sweet, tart and tang to luxurious perfection in every elegant glass jar.
A unique heat process during packaging preserves freshness and allows a refrigerated shelf life of up to 12 months. Each jar also has a screw-on cap, making them reusable or recyclable.
Application: With a higher fat content than sour cream, Crème Fraîche does not break down or curdle when heated, making it ideal to incorporate into recipes. The higher fat content also means Crème Fraiche can be easily fluffed.
Plain Devon Crème Fraîche is delicious simply spread on bread with jam and can be used in place of mayonnaise, yogurt, sour cream, heavy cream or whipped cream in virtually any recipe. Its very versatile, rich, yet delicate flavor can make a usual dish into something more inspired.  Whip it alone or with powdered sugar and vanilla for the perfect dessert topping, fruit topping or sweet filling for crêpes. Add richness and body to pasta dishes, casseroles, dips, sauces and savory soups. 

Pear and Hazelnut Fruit Pyramid by VPC AUSTRALIA
Product Details: #217847 | 12/2.6 oz

Perfect pairings

Located in the Yarra Valley region of Victoria, Valley Produce Company is one of Australia's most passionate and respected gourmet food companies. Each award-winning Valley Produce Company Fruit Pyramid contains over one pound of reduced fruit and has a 15-month shelf life.  Fruit Pyramids require no refrigeration, even after opening, and will last as long as their date code specifies in ambient temperatures. There are no added colors or flavors and all pyramids are wheat and gluten-free. A soft but firm texture makes Valley Produce Company Fruit Pyramids easy to spread.
Pear & Hazelnut Fruit Pyramids are made with fresh, local Yarra Valley William pears, peeled, cored, pureed and slow cooked to excellence in small batches with freshly roasted, chopped hazelnuts added for body and flavor.  It is ideal for Stilton, creamy blue, creamy, soft Brie and aged cheddar.  

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