Smoked Gruyère Loaf by Celebrity GERMANY
Product Details: #024012 | 4/3.3 Lb

Smoke Signals Great Alpine Taste
Germany’s famed heritage in smoking foods and ancient mountain-cheese tradition come together in this wonderfully flavorful Smoked Gruy
ère Loaf.

The celebrated nutty creaminess of 
Gruyère takes on an inspired character when expertly smoked over flaming alpine wood shavings in traditional brick ovens.  From the deep golden rind to the dense, firm interior the smoky charm never overpowers but tastefully elevates this savory cooked cow’s milk cheese.

Application: Most famous as a fondue cheese, Smoked 
Gruyère Loaf adds a delicious twist to the traditional cheese-trio recipe.  With superb melt-ability, Smoked Gruyère Loaf is also great for grilled sandwiches, burgers and pasta or potato dishes.  Simply slice alongside Mandilli Focaccia Croccanti for a beautiful and savory cheese preentation.

Pairing: Smoked 
Gruyère Loaf goes well with dark and amber beer.  If available, an interesting pairing would be a German Rauchbier (smoked beer).  For wine, stick with a full bodied red, like Shiraz/Syrah.

Mandilli Focaccia Croccanti by DeMedici ITALY
Product Details: #059027 | 12/5.25 OZ

Perfect pairings

Since 1979 DeMedici has been setting the standards in America for authentic, handcrafted edibles imported from Italy and around the globe. 
Liguria, a beautiful coastal region in northwest Italy, is the birthplace of Focaccia where it is enjoyed throughout the day as a tasty, healthy snack.  DeMedici organic Mandilli (“handkerchief” in the Ligurian dialect) Focaccia Croccanti (Italian for “crisp flat loaf”) are little baked Focaccia cracker squares made according to a time-honored, traditional Ligurian recipe, using only the highest quality, local ingredients.
Masterfully flavored with Mediterranean herbs, DeMedici Mandilli are light yet savory enough to complement aperitifs and cocktails.  DeMedici Mandilli are a superb and more exotic alternative to the usual cracker offerings to accompany cheese.

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