Lara & Sara Blue SPAIN
Product Details: #563943 | 3/3.5 Lb

The Land of One Blue Cheese

The Galicia region of northwestern Spain is known as the “land of 1000 rivers” for the many waterways that crisscross the beautiful, lush landscape. Galicia is now also home to its first blue cheese, Lara & Sara, crafted by the award winning, family run cheese company, Queixerías Prestes, and exclusive to Atalanta Corporation.
Lara & Sara is an all-natural, artisanal blue made from fresh milk of the highest quality. Ivory in color with a bold network of green and blue veining under a soft, edible rind, Lara & Sara surprises with its exquisitely mild flavor that balances a sweet character with notes of herb and hay. Lara & Sara’s smooth, spreadable texture caresses the palate with a lingering milky finish.
Application: Ideal for spreading on crusty bread, Lara & Sara is also delightful as a dessert with fresh strawberries, pears or peaches. Excellent for cooking, Galicia’s first blue is delicious in cheese sauces, tarts, frittatas, quiches and for canapés fillings.
Pairing: For red wines try Sherry or Port, a crisp Chardonnay for a white or a robust Pale Ale if beer is preferred.
Truffle Butter by Occelli ITALY
Product Details: #054343 | 6/3 oz

Perfect pairings

Traditionally made with the freshest, most rigorously quality-checked cream of Italy’s Langhe region, Occelli butter has been judged as the “finest” in the world. When exceptional, rare, black truffle pieces are added to Occelli’s celebrated butter, the combination creates a taste of irresistible uniqueness.
Occelli Truffle Butter is excellent for sauces, pasta dishes, fondue, pate or for accompanying and elevating any special dish. Serve on toast or fresh bread for a simple but elegant starter. Join our social networks!
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