Manouri by Mevgal


Product Details: #183004 | 3/4 lb

The Gods Must Have Been Hungry

In Greek mythology the benevolent God, Aristaeus, protector of herdsmen, is credited for teaching mortals the skill of cheese-making.  But perhaps even Aristaeus could not have guessed how successful the Greeks would be with his gift. 

Manouri P.D.O., a semi-soft cheese exclusively made in Central and Western Macedonia and in Thessalia, is one of Greece’s most popular traditional cheeses.  Manouri can be produced with a mixture of sheep and/or goat’s milk and cream and the whey left over from Feta production.  It is rindless, like Feta, but creamier and less salty and is ultra snow-white in color with an extremely smooth surface.  Manouri is known for its unique, clean and fresh milky taste with a slightly lemony finish.  Its melt-in-your-mouth texture is reminiscent of a light cheesecake.  In fact, Manouri is a great substitute for cream cheese in cheesecake recipes.

Like all traditional Mevgal Greek cheeses, Manouri P.D.O. is made with the freshest milk available in Greece.  In this case: pasteurized sheep’s milk.  and pairs well with dry red wine.

Mevgal Manouri P.D.O. is a luscious Mediterranean delight that is truly heavenly.

Application: Mevgal Manouri is excellent for use in traditional Greek delicacies such as spanakopita but is perfect for any salad, sandwich, pastry or dessert that calls for a sweet, rich cheese.  Mevgal Manouri is also exceptionally delicious as an eating cheese with a dense enough texture to slice into beautiful rounds.  Drizzled with honey, Mevgal Manouri makes a fresh breakfast dish or the perfect ending to lunch or dinner.
Pairing: A wonderful Pinot Noir or a Wheatwine ale will complement Manouri.
Honey with Truffle by Valley Produce Company AUSTRALIA
 Product Details: #217850 | 12/4.2 oz

Perfect pairing!

The base of this decadent, golden, truffle-infused honey is all-natural, preservative-free Red Gum and Clover Honey direct from the fertile Yarra Valley in Australia. Valley Produce Company adds two grams of fresh French Perigord black truffles into each jar, producing a truly elegant honey with a subtle yet strong essence. Beautifully balanced and elegantly unique, drizzle VPC’s Truffle Honey over prosciutto and fresh figs or add to a marinade for roast chicken or duck.

Application: Rub lamb chops with VPC Truffle Honey and season generously with Berbere spice before grilling for rich warm flavors that will compliment the slight gaminess of the lamb. Join our social networks!
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