Spitzebärg Goat by Mifroma


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Swiss Cows Claim Goats Are Stealing Their Jobs

In the quaint Swiss village of Gohl, situated just above Langnau im Emmental (the unofficial capital of the celebrated Emmental region), a single bucket of fresh goat milk and a keen creative family spirit sparked a cheese revolution.
Over 40 years ago Hans Guggisberg, the now retired owner of the Gohl Guggisberg dairy, was presented with a pail full of the delicious benefits from his neighbor’s pet goat. Hans, known for crafting iconic Emmentaler wheels, decided to invent a new cheese from his goat milk gift and was delighted by the delicate charm of his efforts. A new passion took hold within the Guggisberg family and Hans sought more goat milk to produce small batches of his inspired cheese. When Hans’ son Samuel took the dairy over from his dad 30 years ago, he completely resigned his dairy’s contract with the Emmentaler organization to focus all his attention on expanding the artful production of original goat and sheep milk cheeses.
Spitzebärg Goat, named for the steep hill on which Gohl is set, represents the superb result of transforming Swiss highland cheese tradition into a refreshing Swiss goat cheese innovation. Dainty at 4 pounds, with a smeared rind, Spitzebärg is made with pasteurized goat milk and aged a minimum of 60 days. When young, the dense, smooth, semisoft paste is confidently goaty, maintaining its noble balance of alpine, tangy flavors as it continues to mature.
The Swiss goats responded to the cows’ allegation with:

Application: This unique Swiss-style goat cheese is a conversation starter on a cheese tray that will intrigue and wow all tasters. Simply served with crusty bread, nuts and fruit best features the cheese’s full flavor, but Spitzebärg Goat will compel incorporation by creative cooks or anyone interested in adding distinctive goaty flavor to dishes calling for cow’s milk Swiss cheese counterparts.

Pairing: The classic pairing of goat cheese and Sauvignon Blanc holds true here, with the bright acidity of the wine playing off the acidity in the cheese. A good hard cider will also achieve the same thing, but also adds a very harmonious fruit component.
Sweety 'Potle Pepper by Del Destino PERU
 Product Details: #429695 | 6/10

      Perfect pairing!

Spicy red and yellow peppers are immersed in a smoky-sweet chipotle brine for a mouth-watering sweet and subtle spicy flavor. 

Application: The convenient uniform slicing is perfect for a steak topping or side. Ideal for pizza and flatbreads. 

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