Original Danish Slab Bacon by Celebrity DENMARK
Product Details: #290030, 5/6.5 lb

Old World Excellence

Denmark is a small country with a very big bacon following. Danes have a long tradition in raising pigs as their main livestock for meat, since cows have always been primarily kept for dairy. As a result, Danish cuisine developed around finely skilled pork preparation, particularly: slow cured slab bacon, renowned for both flavor and leanness.
Celebrity artisanal slab bacon is handcrafted according to original Danish customs. Each top-quality center cut is carefully selected and hand-trimmed. The rib meat is left on the slab while the bone is meticulously and expertly removed by hand. The slab is then slowly brown sugar cured and naturally smoked to perfection, using only select European hardwoods.
Celebrity Original Danish Slab Bacon comes ready to eat or to quick heat and serve. It has a higher yield, less shrinkage and a longer shelf life than usual layer bacon.
Application: Enjoy it for breakfast, as an appetizer or in soups. It is also delicious diced or shaved in pasta and salad. Freezer friendly, Celebrity Danish Slab Bacon keeps well for future use.
Pairing: A crisp lager beer is an excellent choice.

Spicy Paprika Allioli by Nature Terrae SPAIN
Product Details: #563923 | 6/5.1 oz

Perfect pairings

The origin of Allioli dates back to at least the 1st century AD when Roman philosopher and author, Pliney the Elder, wrote of a sauce made simply of ground garlic, oil and a little vinegar. The Allioli tradition continued to expand throughout the Mediterranean Basin. Today, from its most basic incarnation to the inclusion of a wide range of added ingredients for pronounced taste, Allioli remains a mainstay of Mediterranean cuisine.
Nature Terrae sources only the finest ingredients for their Allioli sauce. Garlic and oil are crushed together into an authentic creamy texture. All natural ingredients, including cayenne pepper and paprika, are added to enhance flavor and to provide just the right amount of spice.
Allioli Spicy Paprika is ideal on sandwiches, for grilled meats and fish, or as a dipping sauce for vegetables.

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