Smoked Provola by Zappala ITALY
Product Details: #054065 | 18/190g

A Sicilian Cure

Provola, a typical “pasta filata” cheese, which means the curd is stretched and molded before strung and hung for curing, is the perfect treat when desiring a smoked specialty from Sicily. This cheese originated on the island as far back as the 1300s. Protected and preserved by dairy industry leader, Zappala, Smoked Provola begins with 100%, rich Sicilian cow’s milk, derived from cows that graze Sicily’s stunning countryside, replete with a wealth of unique Mediterranean flora that augments the whole milk.
Each handcrafted, pear-shaped Sicilian delicacy is smoked with a selection of natural, aromatic woods until a dense rind develops around the soft, straw-colored interior. Smoked Provola has a stronger flavor and aroma than Provola Bianca, but still retains a delicate and pleasant taste enveloped in natural smoked flavor.
Known for precise attention to authentic detail, Zappala’s Smoked Provola is a delicious, classically smooth and skillfully smoked pasta filata cheese.
Application: Mainly used as a table cheese, Smoked Provola is a perfect complement for cured meats and antipasto.  This cheese is also ideal to enhance classic Italian pasta dishes, grilled paninis, cold sandwiches and rustic pizza.
Pairing: Smoked Provola pairs well with Pinot Grigio and works very well with lager style beers.

Pitted Castelvetrano Olives by Frutto d'Italia ITALY
Product Details: #053673 | 4/2 kg tin

Perfect pairings

Founded in 1988, Madama Oliva, home to the Futto d’Italia brand, began specializing in fine olives. Green Castelvetrano olives A.K.A Nocellara del Belice, one of the most well known olive varieties in the world, are a protected (DOP) cultivar in Sicily.
Named after the Sicilian city of Castelvetrano, these delicious olives are harvested when their plump pulp is bright green, fresh, crisp and firm. Their mild, sweet and buttery flavor appeals to a wide range of palates-- even those who avoid olives. Pitted and prepared in a delicate brine, these Castelvetrano olives are ready to be an ideal table olive, garnish salads or used to enhance meat, poultry and fish recipes.


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