Double Gloucester with Chive & Onion
by Coombe Castle
Product Details: #204962 | 2/5.5 Lb

Chive Talkin'

Well known as the cheese of choice served to weary travelers at the local pub, Coombe Castle’s tantalizing Double Gloucester with Chive & Onion keeps this traditional English taste alive and well.

Buttery 6 month old Double Gloucester (a cheddar-type but creamier, younger and milder) is delectably blended with sweet onions and chopped chives. The savory ingredients compliment Double Gloucester’s smooth texture and mellow taste perfectly.

Customarily served with rustic, crusty bread and a pint of strong ale, Coombe Castle’s Double Gloucester with Chive & Onion is great melted on grilled meats, makes an outstanding cheeseburger and adds zest crumbled on salads, sliced in sandwiches or added to omelets.  Deep yellow in color with bright green flecks, Double Gloucester with Chive & Onion is eye-catching on a cheeseboard and plays very well with softer, milder cheeses.

All who try Coombe Castle’s Double Gloucester with Chive & Onion will taste why this cheese has gained such incredible popularity, one weary traveler at a time.
Mortadella Deli Meat by Ermes Fontana ITALY
Product Details: #050735 | 1/11 LB

Perfect pairings

Ermes Fontana presents their premium Italian meats in a brand new way. Their artisanal meats are now available in convenient slicing casings with labels paying homage to the traditional “Salumeria,” the Italian origin of the American Deli. Fontana's meats are prized in deli cases for their high quality, ease of slicing and convenient storage.
Known as the grandfather of American bologna, their famous mortadella is gently prepared and cooked to savory perfection using the finest ground pork, flavored with traditional spices and baked slowly to create just the right balance of subtle flavor and traditional taste. Join our social networks!
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