Shropshire Blue by Coombe Castle ENGLAND
Product Details: #203077 | 1/9.5 lb

The More Colorful Cousin

Shropshire Blue is often described as a cross between two of England’s ancient favorites: Blue Stilton and Cheshire.  This pasteurized cow’s milk blue follows Stilton’s recipe and production methods rather closely but achieves its orange hue from the natural food coloring, annatto, also used in Cheshire cheese.  Conflicting historical accounts for Shropshire Blue’s origin contribute greatly to the Cheshire/Stilton description.  One account says Shropshire Blue was first made in 1933 by a well-known Cheshire cheese grader who added annatto to a Stilton recipe.  The other story begins in Scotland some 50 years later with a Stilton-trained Scottish cheesemaker who didn’t think his stunning orange, blue creation could succeed without an Old English sounding title.  All explanations concede that this wonderful cheese was not conceived in Shropshire, England.

What is extremely easy to discover about Shropshire Blue, however, is its great appeal.  Shropshire Blue’s rustic orange-brown natural rind surrounds a vivid orange paste with penicillium roqueforti induced blue-green veining for an eye-catching presentation.  Soft and smooth in texture, Shropshire Blue delivers a delightful, creamy mouth-feel and a full-flavored sharp, strong, lingering tang. 

Cheese biographers may initially go a bit mad trying to get to the very bottom of Shropshire Blue’s history, but soon the present-day enjoyment of this rich, savory cheese conquers any questions of pedigree.

Application: Resoundingly festive in appearance, Shropshire Blue enlivens the holidays, but it is a year-round taste.  Great for pasta dishes, risotto and salads, Shropshire Blue can be substituted for anything calling for Stilton.  It is also perfect as a snack with a cup of tea.  Shropshire Blue is suitable for vegetarians.

Pairing: Shropshire Blue, like most blues, pairs well with sweeter and/or more full-bodied wines such as a German Riesling for a white, and for a red, Port, California Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel. A favorite pairing is a rich and creamy port or stout beer.


Hot Calabrese Peppers by Frutto d'Italia ITALY
Product Details: #050247 | 2/2.6 kg

Perfect pairings

In Calabria southern Italy, hot peppers are deeply embedded in culinary tradition.  These chili peppers are such a necessity to the culture that the Calabrese grow them at home so they are readily available at all times.  

Frutto d’Italia’s Hot Calabrese Peppers are of the "capsicum frutescens" variety.  Jarred with a careful blend of herbs, oils and spices, this hot pepper marinade will add the perfect amount of spicy lift to pizzas, pastas, eggplant dishes, salads, sandwiches… basically, the Calabrese vow, any recipe that needs some Italian spiciness.

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