Chimay à la Première by Chimay BELGIUM
Product Details: #733971 | 12/5 OZ

Fantastic Fraternal Flavors 

Chimay à la Première is the most popular Chimay Trappist cheese in America. Like all cheeses made at Belgium’s famous Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey, Chimay à la Première starts with only the freshest, local, pasteurized milk of the highest quality. The Cistercian monks oversee production of each wheel within the monastery before the cheese is moved to the abbey’s vaulted cellars for a careful maturation process of six to eight weeks.
The cheese is not only washed with Chimay beer, but the beer’s exceptional flavors are captured during the brewing process and are actual ingredients in the cheese. Made according to tradition and following strict guidelines, Chimay is one of only six Belgian Beers allowed to be called an “Authentic Trappist Product.”
The union of Chimay’s two Trappist traditions produces a unique, semi-soft cheese with a natural, sticky rind. Its dense paste possesses a delicious apricot-peach taste and aroma, enhanced with a hint of bitterness from the hops and malt.

Application: Fruity and intense, Chimay à la Première is a distinctive addition to any cheeseboard and makes a flavorsome statement in grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and sides like mashed potatoes. It goes great with fresh fruit, especially pears.

Pairing: Chimay à la Première, of course, pairs perfectly with a strong Belgian beer.
Fig Fruit Vinegar by A L'Olivier     FRANCE
Product Details: #AL001 6/200 ml

Perfect pairings

Since 1822, A L'Olivier has been a purveyor of fine oils, to refined Parisian palates. With beautifully presented products, bolstered with a World-renowned reputation for quality, A L'Olivier is a leader in the specialty food community. Their product line has expanded over time, to now include delicious fresh Fruit Vinegars, Balsamic Vinegar, Herb Infused Olive Oils, innovative Emulsion Spreads and Pastes, Honeys and Confits.

A L'Olivier's line of fruit vinegars are thick, fresh and full of delicious fruit pulp. These unique vinegars add a burst of fruit flavor to your favorite dishes. This delightful vinegar is simply wonderful with aged blue cheeses, goat cheeses, poultry and salads. It can be used to deglaze pork and chicken, and can be paired with Walnut Oil, Porcini Truffle Oil, and smooth fruity olive oils.

Gold sofi Award Winner for 'Outstanding Product Line'

Also available in these delicious flavors:
Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Tomato-Basil, Black Currant, Espelette Pepper, Mango, Lemon Grapefruit.



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