Chimay Beer by Chimay BELGIUM
Product Details: #193040 | 1/5 lb

Fantastic Fraternal Flavors

Le Chimay à la Bière is the most popular Chimay Trappist cheese in America.  Like all Chimay cheeses, the Trappist Monks from Belgium responsible for its creation start with only the freshest, local, pasteurized milk of the highest quality and oversee production of each wheel within the monastery before the cheese is moved to their abbey’s vaulted cellars for a careful maturation process of six to eight weeks.
As the name indicates, Le Chimay à la Bière is made with Chimay’s famous Trappist beer.  The cheese is not only washed with beer, but the beer’s exceptional flavors are captured during the brewing process and are actual ingredients in the cheese.  Made according to tradition and following strict guidelines, Chimay is one of only 6 Belgian Beers allowed to be called an “Authentic Trappist Product.”
The union of Chimay’s two Trappist traditions produces a unique, semi-soft cheese with a natural, sticky rind.  Its dense paste possesses a delicious apricot-peach taste and aroma, enhanced with a hint of bitterness from the hops and malt.
Application: Fruity and intense, Le Chimay à la Bière is a distinctive addition to any cheeseboard and makes a delicious statement in grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and sides like mashed potatoes.  It goes great with fresh fruit, especially pear.
Pairing: Le Chimay à la Bière of course pairs perfectly with a strong Belgian Trappist beer.
Old Forest Salami by Black Kassel CANADA
Product Details: #664510 | 2/2.25 lb (Stick)

Perfect pairings

Steeped in European tradition, Black Kassel Old Forest Salami is true to the old-world taste of superior salami while being produced in one of the finest and largest new-world facilities in North America.
Each unique flower-shaped black casing is stuffed with top-quality, lean ground pork and an enticing spice mixture, then gently smoked with secret hardwood blends before being naturally dry-cured with a legacy of practiced patience that dates back five generations.
As stunning as it is delicious, Black Kassel Old Forest Salami is great for specialty cold cut platters or cheese trays alongside Chimay Beer cheese. Join our social networks!
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