Oak Smoked Cheddar by Quickes ENGLAND
Product Details: #203793 | 1/3.5 Lb

The Forest for the Cheese

The Quicke family have farmed their land in Devon, England for over 450 years. Their commitment to make fine English Cheddar started more than a quarter century ago and has grown into a world-renowned class of farmhouse cheeses. All Quickes Cheddar is matured in traditional muslin wrapping and made from the rich milk of the farm’s own herds.
Buttery, full-flavored Quickes Mature Cheddar truckles, aged for 12 – 15 months, are carefully selected for making Quickes Oak Smoked Cheddar. The truckles are first cut into 1.5kg rounds before being smoked for 3 – 4 hours over oak chips chopped from the farm’s own woodlands. This patient, all-natural process imparts an authentic, alluring smoky infusion throughout the entire handmade wheel of Quickes Oak Smoked Cheddar.
Since entering competitions over a decade ago, Quickes Oak Smoked Cheddar continues to win top honors at major cheese shows around the world. 2014 honors include: 1st Place at Great Yorkshire and silver medals at both the British Cheese Awards and Taste of the West.
Application: Enjoy simply as a snack or add smoky elegance to a cheese tray. Melt on burgers or chicken, incorporate into mac & cheese, slice on ham and cheese sandwiches, paninis (or any grilled cheese sandwich), and shred into salads or savory soups.
Pairing: Smoked cheeses pair well with spicier wines such as a Shiraz or a Zinfandel.  For the beer lovers, a robust brown ale makes a good match.
Prosciutto Cotto by Ermes Fontana ITALY
Product Details: #050761 | 2/9 Lb

Perfect pairings

Ermes Fontana presents their premium Italian meats in a brand new way. Their artisanal meats are now available in convenient slicing casings with labels paying homage to the traditional “Salumeria,” the Italian origin of the American Deli. Fontana's meats are prized in deli cases for their high quality, ease of slicing and convenient storage. 
Fontana represents the best of Italy with their savory, slow cooked prosciutto. Very slow cooking imparts a flaky texture and mild flavor to this ham. Each piece comes with the skin-on to preserve moisture.

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