Bethmale by Jean Faup FRANCE
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Bethmale, named for the tiny village of origin located in the Couserans region of the Comté de Foix, is one of the most famous traditional cheeses of the French Midi Pyrenees.  Legend says King Louis VI became a sincere fan of Bethmale when he encountered the cheese while traveling through the region in the 12th century.
Bethmale comes in several milk varieties.  This gorgeous Goat Bethmale arrives from the well-known Jean Faup Fromagerie.  Earthy and rustic, Jean Faup Goat Bethmale is made with raw, local goat’s milk and strictly according to the age-old rural, high mountain traditions of this remote area.
Goat Bethmale’s uncooked, pressed curd paste is semi-firm with a few small holes and a smooth, creamy texture.  A natural rind forms as the cheese is aged for two-to-three months on wood planks, being turned and brushed throughout the process.  Jean Faup Goat Bethmale has a somewhat spicy tang with the gentle citric overtones that are expected in fine goat cheese.  But the flavors are subtle, playful and mild, readily appealing to even those who generally don’t choose to eat goat’s milk cheese.
Application: A crowd-pleasing cheese tray addition at parties that will impress both connoisseurs and neophytes, Goat Bethmale is also great for slicing and melting.  Its rustic origins and mild taste go great with crusty peasant bread, ham, nuts and olives.
Pairing:  A classic pairing is with a crisp white wine like a Sauvignon Blanc.  White Bordeaux, which are often blends dominated by Sauvignon Blanc, would be perfect.
Pitted Taggiasca Olives by Frutto d'Italia ITALY
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Perfect pairings

Taggiasca Olives are incredibly well rounded, within their little oval spheres.  These small, rose-black Italian delicacies have a divine, delicate flavor and a soft texture, while thrilling with their intense aroma.  By providing such a party for the senses, Taggiasca Olives have become known as one of the best table olives in the world.
Taggiascas are grown in the beautiful coastal region of Liguria in Northern Italy and named for the Taggia countryside, where they were first cultivated and introduced by a group of local monks. Frutto d’Italia Taggiasca Olives are naturally tree-ripened and picked by hand, then carefully pitted for added convenience.
Delightful eaten alone or as part of an antipasti course, Taggiasca Olives are also wonderful in salads and pasta dishes or for fish and game recipes.  They pair particularly well with spiced meats and aged cheeses. Join our social networks!
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