Chimay Vieux by Chimay BELGIUM
Product Details: #193087 | 1/7.5 LB

The Accidental Trappist

In 1986, after 100 years into Chimay’s Trappist cheesemaking history, the monks of Scourmont Abbey in Belgium started broadening development of their distinctive cheese recipes. During the aging process, some of these new cheeses were forgotten for many months. When found, the more mature discoveries proved to be a very happy and delicious accident. Chimay Vieux (or Aged Chimay) was born.
After careful maturation for a minimum of six months in the famous vaulted cellars of the Abbey, Chimay Vieux becomes a hard cheese with a natural ochre-brown rind. Like all Chimay cheeses, Chimay Vieux is made with the highest quality, rigorously checked, cow’s milk of the Chimay region. Vieux is crafted only with the milk from the summer months, ensuring a sweet, bright taste to the cheese. The extra aging ensures Chimay Vieux will keep well for a minimum of six months.
Instead of the flattened wheel shape (for which other Chimay cheeses are known), Chimay Vieux’s domed form, along with its beautiful rosy-orange interior, visually sets it apart. Chimay Vieux’s pleasantly persistent fruity flavor has just a hint of bitterness to go with its characteristic nuttiness.
*Chimay is one of only three cheesemakers in the entire world that can call their cheeses Trappist. To be a Trappist cheese, three rules must be followed: 1) the cheese must be made, 100%, within the Abbey walls. 2) The whole cheesemaking process must be overseen by the monks. 3) All profits must be reinvested in the Abbey’s foundation that provides funding for community projects.
Application: Delicious sliced on crusty bread, Chimay Vieux also grates well to add flavor to soups, risotto, egg and pasta dishes. Its rich flavor is delightful with seafood, especially lobster.
Pairing: A taste that begs to be joined with a Chimay Triple beer, but for a wine try a red like an assertive fruit forward Côte du Rhône..
Date & Crab Apple Topping by Duhaime CANADA
Product Details: #067161 | 12/2.3 oz

Perfect pairings

Duhaime Gourmet, located in Québec, Canada, has three generations of food innovators behind its current cheese-topper success.
Duhaime’s Date & Crab Apple fruit spread is completely all-natural: no artificial flavors, preservatives or colorants. With a slight hint of roasted cumin, this sweet, savory and spicy pleasure is designed specifically to complement cheese. It pairs deliciously with any cheese but goes particularly well with goat cheese and artisan bread and makes a chic, flavorful impression at any gathering.

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