Chimay Dorè Gold by Chimay BELGIUM
Product Details: #193708 | 1/3.5 lb

Twice Gold

Chimay Gold Light Beer (Chimay Dorée) was originally made solely for the monastic community within Belgium’s Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey. In 2013, Chimay Dorée Beer was not only offered to public consumers for the first time, but a new cheese called Chimay Doré Gold was developed around its golden taste and enticingly spicy-hoppy aroma.
Slightly tangy with a fresh, cow’s milk creamy semi-softness and a beautiful gilded rind, Chimay Doré Gold has all the richly complex hallmarks of an authentic Chimay Trappist cheese, while the taste balances flawlessly with its beer namesake, a lower alcohol percentage, yet highly fermented golden beer. After being aged for four weeks, Chimay Doré Gold is elegantly packaged to highlight its unique, traditional origins and to gracefully underscore its golden attributes.
Application: A distinctive addition to any cheeseboard, Chimay Doré Gold also makes a fragrant and delicious statement in grilled ham and cheese sandwiches or in sides like mashed potatoes. It is well matched with fresh fruit, especially pear.
Pairing: Chimay Doré pairs perfectly with any Belgian Trappist beer but the most obvious choice is also the best choice.
Gluten Free Crackerthins - Naked Pack by Valley Produce Company AUSTRALIA
Product Details: #211022 | 24/3.5 oz

Perfect pairings

Valley Produce Company Gluten Free Naked Pack Crackerthins come ready to be dressed in two ways: First, with any private label over the stay-fresh sleeve, and second, with cheese, jams, dips, antipasto or anything else calling for a great tasting, light, thin and crispy gourmet cracker.
One of the most recognized and prominent gourmet food companies in all of Australia, the award-winning Valley Produce Company makes their gluten free water crackers with a potato base, since potatoes provide a gluten-free starch as well as a distinctive crunch.
Only the finest all-natural ingredients from the Yarra Valley go into VPC Gluten Free Crackerthins, including the perfect amount of pure Parmesan cheese that adds a wonderful buttery flavor.  
The crackers are always crafted in small batches to ensure flavor, texture consistency and nutritional quality. VPC Gluten Free Crackerthins require no refrigeration. 

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