Original Goat Log, Celebrity


Product Details: #063045| 12/4.5 oz

A Star is Born

Located in Lindsay, Ontario, Mariposa is the family owned and operated dairy that produces the artisan, handcrafted Celebrity Goat Cheese line. Mariposa goats are fed a specialized high-energy, high-protein diet of roasted soybeans, which results in exceptional quality milk. Goats convert all carotene in their diet to vitamin A, leaving their milk and cream pure white. Goat’s milk is lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in calcium and Vitamins A and D than cow’s milk, making Celebrity Goat Cheese a great option for a health conscious diet and/or for the lactose intolerant.

Acclaimed for its wonderfully creamy texture. Recognized for its distinctively tangy taste. Applauded for its innovative, delightful flavor combinations. Celebrity Goat Cheeses are made from 100% pure Ontario goat's milk to help make any eating occasion extraordinary. This 100% pure goat's milk cheese features a fresh flavor with a slightly sharp, clean finish.

Application:  Simply spread on crusty bread and crackers or used in bruschetta, salads, omelets, grilled vegetables, pizza, creamed potato dishes and stuffing (to name just a few of the wide range of cooking applications).
The classic pairing is Sauvignon Blanc but a Belgian-style Witbier would also be a great match for goat cheese. Delicious with a Belgian White Ale, but if wine is the preference, stick with whites, like a crisp, Chardonnay.
Onions and Orange Sauce
Salsa Arancia by MENU
 Product Details: #057529 | 6/16 oz

Perfect pairings

Onion & Orange Sauce by MENU is prepared with fresh orange pulp pieces and minced onions blended for a truly unique sauce. Also called Salsa Arancia, the balance of sweet and sour flavors will enhance anything it's added to. MENU cooks their all natural sauce down to a confit-like consistency with a citrus tang and bold aroma that's perfect to serve with grilled meats, fish and chicken. More versatile than a typical cheese condiment, Onion and Orange Sauce is perfect to pair with both aged and fresh cheeses.

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