Blueberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese
by Celebrity
Product Details: #063060 | 12/4.5 oz

Berry Sweet Goat 

Celebrity Blueberry and Cinnamon Goat Cheese is made with 100% fresh and local, rBST-free milk on the Mariposa family farm in Ontario, Canada. Mariposa goats are fed a specialized high-energy, high-protein diet of roasted soybeans that results in exceptional quality, richly flavored milk. The goat cheese logs are hand-rolled in a special blend of juicy blueberries cinnamon, giving a sweet and spicy flavor to the tangy and creamy chèvre.  

Goat cheese is, in general, great for a health conscious or lactose intolerant diet, since goat’s milk has a lower fat and cholesterol content and is higher in calcium and Vitamins A and D than cow’s milk. Only pure sea salt, which doesn’t contain unwanted iodine, is used to bring out the milk’s delicate flavor. Celebrity’s all-natural goat’s milk logs are certified COR kosher, suitable for vegetarians and Gluten free.

Application: Perfect for topping homemade French toast, warm pancakes or simply spread on crusty bread. 

Pairing: A traditional pairing with chèvre is Sauvignon Blanc, or try with a beautiful Belgian wheat beer.
Ladyfingers by Bonomi        ITALY
Product Details: #056079, 050646 | 10/60 Ct - 500g, 15/24 Ct - 200g

Perfect pairings

An Italian tradition, Ladyfingers are light and sweet sponge cakes shaped like a large finger. Their texture comes from the classic preparation, oven baked to perfection, unchanged for generations. Their various uses are regional: the French call them biscuits and sandwich them together with nougat; the Italians, the originators, call them savoiardi and use these delicate cakes most commonly in Tiramisu. This is easily made by soaking the sponge cakes in coffee, then layering them with mascarpone filling – a true Italian treat!


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