Tania Toscano Sheep's Milk, Lenberg Farms CANADA
Product Details: #063742 | 1/3.5 Lb

Italian Inspired, Canadian Mastered

The master cheesemakers at Ontario’s Lenberg Farm must be sheep whisperers. Made purely with the richest local milk from Lenberg Farm’s own herds of British Milking Sheep, Classic Reserve Tania Toscano has won top honors at the most prestigious Canadian and international cheese competitions since it was created just a few years ago. One of the most notable awards is Tania Toscano’s Super Gold win at the 2013 World Cheese Awards, a distinction bestowed on less than 60 cheeses in the entire world.
After pasteurizing the premium quality Ontario sheep milk, Tania Toscano is handmade in the Tuscan style. The curds, coagulated with microbial rennet, are pressed and bandage-wrapped, then aged on wooden planks for a minimum of 6 months in temperature and humidity controlled maturation rooms. Regularly washed and turned with great care, as it ages Tania develops a semi-firm interior that takes on a striking and distinctive orange hue from the carotene in the sheep milk.
Tania Toscano is smooth and slightly crumbly in texture with a delightfully mild, creamy-sweet and nutty taste, enhanced by earthy undertones and lingering caramel notes. The secret to Lenberg Farm’s Tania Toscano success is in every bite of this exceptional farmstead cheese.
Application:  A great alternative to Italian Pecorino cheeses, Tania Toscano Sheep Milk Cheese adds farmhouse appeal to any cheese tray, and intriguing artisanal flavor to sandwiches, paninis and salads. Drizzle with honey for a delectable dessert or appetizer.
Pairings: Try with a youthful fruit forward Chianti or a Barbera d'Asti.
Oven Roasted Tomatoes, Del Destino TURKEY
Product Details: #345016 | 8/2.5 Lb

Perfect pairings

Del Destino Oven Roasted Tomatoes now come organic! Organically grown, these savory and succulent tomatoes are also processed in a certified organic facility.
Packed in glass retail jars, the delicious taste of these plump organic roasted tomatoes is perfectly preserved in garlic, oil and oregano to add exceptional taste to an endless array of culinary possibilities.
Orange-red in color with a soft, tender texture, Del Destino Organic Oven Roasted Tomatoes add beauty and luscious flavor to sandwiches, paninis, pizzas, salads, omelets, bruschetta and pasta dishes (to name just a few applications). And don’t toss the infused oil from the jar! It is great for use when sautéing as well as in pasta dishes and salads too.

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