MARCH 2016
Atalanta Products Recognized by the Prestigious FABI Awards

For the third year in a row, the National Restaurant Association has recognized Atalanta Corporation for its new and innovative products. This year Del Destino South American Sauces and L’Estornell Smoked Oil took center stage for their global flavors and unique attributes. The 2016 FABI Awards will be presented at the National Restaurant Association Show (NRA), May 21-24 in Chicago.

Atalanta continues to search the globe for exciting flavors and trend-setting ideas. The new collection of Peruvian Sauces from Del Destino feature authentic ingredients such as the Amarillo chili pepper that is a staple in Peruvian cooking. Ranging from spicy and creamy to tangy and fresh, these versatile sauces will satisfy adventurous palates looking for diverse flavors. The line consists of seven sauces, three of which were awarded the 2016 prize: Aji Sauce, Mochero Pepper & Cilantro Sauce and Rocoto Sauce.

Discovered by De Medici, a division of Atalanta, VEÁ’s L’Estornell Smoked Oil perfectly combines fruity extra-virgin Arbequina olive oil with the aromatic smoke of pinecones from Catalonia’s Montseny area. By employing a cold smoking technique, the oil is infused with a balanced, subtle smokiness that enhances the flavor of the oil without overpowering it. A natural partner for grilled meat, fish, and vegetables, L’Estornell Smoked Oil also adds wood-fired flavor to dressings and sauces.

atlanta Tastes
Smoke & Oil a Perfect Pairing 
L'Estornell Smoked Oil 
Red Pepper & Artichoke with Allioli Hamburger
Make this a "pantry essential" for the spring and summer. Perfect as a finish for grilled fish & meats, add it to tapenade or mayonnaise based dip. Use it in vinaigrette (it compliments citrus extremely well).  Whatever you add it to, this will be your must-have of the grilling season! 

Understanding the Market: Tuna
SKIPJACK TUNA: Slow delivery of raw material to canners is becoming more and more of a concern as continued reports about delays of pending lower cost raw material contracts to the canning/ processing community persist due to the tightening up of raw material supply. Most of the Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean fleets have returned to fishing once again after wide spread vessel tie ups and US fleets have returned after reaching a their new treaty agreement.  It will take several months however before this renewed fishing effort will impact overall supply of raw material and only if fishing improves significantly. 

ALBACORE TUNA: Albacore raw material prices moved up slightly this past week and are now trading at levels ranging between $3,000 and $3,050 per metric ton for good quality long line. Supply out of Indonesia remains very limited-due to government regulations. This has greatly impacted supply to Thailand and China which relied to a great degree on fish out of Indonesian waters. 

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Yellowfin raw material prices are firming up and are now trading at levels ranging between $1,950- $2,000  per metric ton. There are signs that supplies will be tighter for smaller size fish (below 5kg in size) which is preferred by the salad  manufacturing trade for its superior color. Much of the fish being harvested is large size (20-25 kg) and not suitable for the canning industry (larger fish have a darker color). 

TONGOL TUNA: Thailand and Vietnam continue to be extremely limited, with no sign of improvement. Indonesia is only slightly better, but there is no sign of a strong catch. Outlook is for very firm market conditions.
Around the Industry: Trends & Forecasts
Consumer Trends 2016

Consumers are increasingly eating restaurant-quality food outside of “traditional” mealtimes. When delivery isn’t an option, novel foodservice offerings are stepping in to fill the void.
While some consumers view the majority of food and beverage claims as nothing more than marketing chatter, progressive brands are embracing a fresh modus operandi with meaningful menu terminology to better engage with audiences.
Brands are recognizing that rather than undecided, consumers are multi-faceted, and they increasingly find balance by going to dining extremes.
The sport of cooking isn’t the only game being played in foodservice, as the same flavor-blending and ethical sensibilities behind the dinner plate are at bat in the glass and cup.

Source: Mintel 2016 Food Trends
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