Organic Bulgarian Goat Milk Feta by Atalanta BULGARIA
Product Details: #923096 | 12/7.1 oz

A Slice of Bulgarian Life

Feta has been a staple of the Balkan Peninsula diet since ancient times, well before the cheese was even given a more universal name. Prior to being known as a derivation of the Italian word, “fetta,” meaning slice, Feta was simply called “cheese” in whatever localized dialect was spoken in the area of production. Made in large blocks that were sliced before being preserved in brine, Feta was a well-chosen name that stuck.
Atalanta’s Organic Bulgarian Goat Feta is made on the country’s only organic Feta-making dairy farm, located in a small town just north of Sophia, the capital of Bulgaria. Crafted using traditional Bulgarian cheese-making techniques, this 100% grass-fed goat’s milk cheese has a pleasantly salty tang from being “pickled” and a desirable creamy but slightly crumbly texture.
Application: Perfect for anything that calls for Feta. From the usual uses: crumbled in salads and dips, over pasta dishes and pizza, to more adventurous culinary creations like roasted in vegetable dishes, eased into omelets, grilled in quesadillas, baked into savory pies or fried on its own, organic Bulgarian Feta’s ability to melt and incorporate well makes it a great to cook with too. As a table cheese, Organic Bulgarian Feta is delicious drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and goes deliciously with grapes and olives.
Pairing:  Pair with a Sauvignon Blanc or a fruit-forward light red, such as Beaujolais, or a new world Pinot Noir.
Sweet & Spicy Pear Sauce by Lazzaris ITALY
Product Details: #053890 | 12/120 g

Perfect pairings

According to legend, mostarda was first conceived during the middle ages when a slice of melon fell into a spice seller’s barrel of honey. Discovered a good stretch of time later, the melon was still absolutely delightful, with a perfectly preserved sweet, fresh taste.
Lazzaris started making their outstanding traditional mostardas a little over a century ago and their award-winning, sweet and spicy delicacies continue to dazzle taste-buds all over the world, generation after generation.ʉ۬
With four basic ingredients: Quinces, sugar, candied fruit and
mustard oil, Lazzaris creates an incredible array of specialties. Their Pear Mustard Sauce is a delicious and fragrant blend of top quality puréed pear and mustard oil with a naturally granular texture. Pear Mustard Sauce can be enjoyed simply with a robust cheese, or with a limitless imagination for hot or cold culinary conceptions. Join our social networks!
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