Pecorino Gran Riserva, Fattoria della Piana ITALY
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King of Southern Italian Cheeses
Calabria, the mountainous region known as the “toe of Italy’s boot,” is steeped in pecorino traditions.  Shepherds still herd their flocks through Calabria’s rocky landscape as they did centuries ago and the humid climate pre-determined a population that would master the fine art of aging cheese. 

Pecorino Riserva Max is Fattoria della Piana’s top of the line, all-natural pecorino and has won the title of “Best Aged Pecorino Cheese” at Milan’s “Tutto Food” exhibition 3 years in a row.  Made exclusively with the highest quality Calabrian sheep’s milk, collected solely from Fattoria della Piana Co-op members, Pecorino Riserva Max is aged for at least 6 months up to one year in temperature and humidity controlled cellars in an BIOGAS certified plant. During the maturation process each pecorino wheel is carefully rubbed with olive oil to develop the notable dark crust and deepen the distinctive flavor of this Calabrian eco-sustainable gem.

Characteristically crumbly, Calabrian pecorino has a different flavor profile than Sardinian and Roman pecorino, boasting a full, pure sheep’s milk flavor that delights with nutty, smooth creaminess and slightly spicy notes.  Fattoria della Piana Pecorino Riserva Max combines micro-environment artisan cheese making recipes with new technology for a spectacular taste that surely gave rise to pecorino being hailed as the “king of Southern Italian cheeses.”
Application: Very versatile, Pecorino Riserva Max is perfect for grating over pasta, risotto and potato dishes and using as an ingredient in cooking or baking, but its outstanding unique flavor is wonderful when simply enjoyed on a cheese board or with cold side dishes like antipasto and salads.  It matches well with spiced fruit chutneys and pepper jams and is also perfect for as a dessert, especially drizzled with honey.
Pairing: Stick with Southern Italian and Sicilian reds, like Nero d'Avola.
Arborio Rice by Cremonesi ITALY
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Perfect pairings

Family owned and operated since 1951, Riseria Cremonesi believes in great tasting, authentic cooking through simple, genuine ingredients.  
Arborio rice is the most well known variety in the superfino (super fine) Italian rice category and Italians adore this small, pearl colored grain for its round shape and high starch content.  When released in the slow cooking process, the grain’s starch creates a creamy, butter-like consistency, perfect for risotto.   Using stringent parameters for excellence, Cremonesi Arborio Rice is carefully examined and selected to ensure the most traditional and best tasting experience possible.
Try Arborio Rice by Cremonesi for classic northern Italian dishes such as Risotto alla Milanese or Risotto with Truffles with shaved Pecorino Gran Riserva. Join our social networks!
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