Iberico Cheese Loaf by Espania SPAIN
Product Details: #563920 | 2/6 LB

A Central Spanish Cheese

Iberico is one of the most popular cheeses in Spain, accounting for about half of Spain’s cheese consumption. Produced since medieval times in central Spain’s Valladolid province, Iberico’s traditional taste comes from combining cow, goat and sheep’s milk, which is strictly regulated by the dairies.
Iberico’s complex, mixed-milk flavor profile presents the best qualities of each milk type. Smooth, mild and creamy, Iberico also delights with a nuanced tang and herbaceous butteriness. Firmly textured, the paste is dotted throughout with small holes.
Iberico’s flavors become bolder as it is matured, anywhere from one to six months, but this beautiful Spanish charmer remains deliciously accessible to a broad range of palates at every age.
Application: Enjoyed primarily in Spain as a table cheese or served as a tapa with Membrillo (quince paste), cured Spanish meats, Spanish almonds and hearty bread, Iberico is also great for grilling, grating, slicing, shredding and cooking. In loaf form, every application is achieved with even greater ease.
Pairing: Pair with young Spanish red wines, a Pinot Noir, Beaujolais or for a white wine try Sauvignon Blanc.
White Truffle Oil by Bianco e Nero ITALY
Product Details: #050891 | 6/8 OZ

Perfect pairings

White truffles are the most sought truffles in the world for their exquisitely unique flavor that will elevate any dish.
White Truffle Oil by Bianco e Nero is the sophisticated combination of pure, rich olive oil and rare white truffle essence. The high quality, mild olive oil provides a perfect base to balance the robust white truffle flavor and aroma.
Bianco e Nero White Truffle Oil is ideal for finishing cheese, risotto, grilled steaks or fresh tomato slices, or for whisking into marinades and dressings for an exclusive and distinguished taste. After application the oil will hold its intensity of essence, without losing any flavor. 
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