Kafelograviera PDO by Meval GREECE
Product Details: #183003 | 4/8.8 LB

The Best of Both

Kafelograviera, first created in the 1960s, has three specific P.D.O. areas: western Macedonia, Epirus, and Aitoloakarnania- in mainland Greece. Named for the two Greek cheeses it most closely resembles: the buttery, comparatively mild Graviera, and the ancient, sharp, salty, aged Kefalotyri, Kafelograviera’s taste and sharpness falls perfectly in the middle of the two.
Kefalo (“head” in Greek) today has a broad meaning when used to define cheese. It denotes a type of cheese from the Greek family of aged, flavorful cheeses that are produced in large wheels- such as Kefalograviera and Kefalotyri. Kefalograviera also shares Kefalotyri’s full, piquant flavor but it is not quite as sharp or salty. 
Graviera simply means “Gruyere-like”; it is the Greek version of Gruyere.   Kefalograviera achieves that lovely buttery, mellow and nutty Gruyere-like taste and aroma but is not quite as mild or mellow in flavor as Graviera.
Mevgal Kefalograviera P.D.O. is a prime example why this relative newcomer has become a favored table cheese in Greece and is gaining popularity around the world.  Made with pasteurized sheep and goat’s milk and aged for around three months, Mevgal Kefalograviera P.D.O. has a hard, cream-colored paste and a pleasant sheepy-salty flavor with a strong buttery aroma and smooth mouth-feel.
Application: Kefalograviera is strong enough to command a place on any cheese-board but not too strong to exclude anyone’s enjoyment. In cooking, Kefalograviera is best known for keeping its texture when fried for Saganaki and as a key ingredient for the béchamel cream of traditional Greek Moussaka, but it is also great when grated, roasted or melted.
Pairing:  Greek wines, especially whites like Assyrtiko, are vastly underrated, but luckily have become more available in America. If you can't find an Assyrtiko, try an Alberino from Spain, the crisp, dry qualities complement the salty, nutty qualities of the cheese.
Gaeta Olives by Frutto d'Italia ITALY
Product Details: #050613 | 6/7 oz

Perfect pairings

Gaeta olives are known as the "Queen" of olives or the "Black Pearl" of Italian olives, but however you call these immensely popular, distinctly flavored little ovals they will add unique, delicious taste to all manners of gastronomic enjoyment. 
Named Gaeta for the historical seaside town in central Italy's Lazio region, Gaeta olives have a color spectrum from deep black to pinky rose. Their soft, meaty textured flesh holds a full, pleasantly mellow flavor with a slight salty, citrusy tartness. 
Splendid well beyond table olive/cheese accompaniment enjoyment, Gaeta olives add an exceptionally pleasing taste to salads and pasta dishes, as a meat and fish topping, or when pureed for dressings and sauces. 

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