Wensleydale with Cranberry, PUC ENGLAND
Product Details: #204945 | 6/7 OZ

Perfectly Puckish

Originally conceived to thrill Canadian ice hockey enthusiasts/turophiles, P.U.C.s (Pretty Unique Cheeses) appeal to cheese lovers everywhere for any occasion. Flavors for these festively sized, eye-catching and delicious P.U.C.s are chosen from Coombe Castle’s best-selling blended cheeses with each P.U.C. given an added twist.
P.U.C. Wensleydale with Cranberry is made with pure, traditional Yorkshire Wensleydale mingled with juicy cranberries. Wensleydale’s fresh, clean, honeyed taste has a flaky, open texture that joins perfectly with sweet-tangy cranberries. An extra vibrant cranberry layer sits on top of the P.U.C. to further charm the senses.
Application: Ideal for entertaining, to give as a hostess gift, to enliven special occasions or as a unique gift basket addition, P.U.C. Wensleydale with Cranberry adds elegance to any cheeseboard. It is sweet enough to dazzle as a dessert cheese and its unique, balanced flavor enhances salads and beyond.
Pairing: Champagne or sparkling wines are an excellent first choice. If red wines are preferred, a youthful, fruity Beaujolais pairs wonderfully.
Natural Sparkling Mineral Water by Ferrarelle  ITALY
Product Details: # 058648 | 24/330 ML

Perfect pairings

Since 1893, Ferrarelle has been bottling natural effervescent mineral water from southern Italy. This refreshing water originates from the ancient volcanic basin of Val D’Assano (Campania). The market leading Italian sparkling water is rich in minerals and low in sodium. Ferrarelle’s natural, tiny bubbles produce a soft texture, often described as “creamy” and “rich” making it the ideal choice with meals or to appreciate on its own.
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