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All Blues
Feeling kind of blue? No wonder. The holidays are over and a certain rodent says there are still weeks of winter left to endure.

Well, we say, “Wallow in it! Luxuriate!
Delight! Bask in every shade of blue!” 

A few suggestions to keep you from floundering:
Eiffel Tower Borgonzola
Smooth and Mellow
If the mood is smooth and mellow, Eiffel Tower Borgonzola is the perfect fit. Underneath its soft, fuzzy rind lies a rich and creamy paste with a just a hint of warm and cozy blue flavor. Made from the finest Ontario cows’ milk, Borgonzola is at once soothing and sort of sassy.
ITEM #068677
Packaging: 6/9 OZ
Country: CANADA 
Brand: Eiffel Tower
Type: Blue
Milk Type: Cow
This cheese can be served on crackers, works well on a cheese tray, and, if melted, can be served on pizza or mixed with pastas. Make a creamy pasta sauce by incorporating Borgonzola into a béchamel sauce. Top with sautéed mushrooms and peas. Pair with a light Viognier or a Blonde Hefeweizen for a mellower taste.

Papillon Black Label Roquefort
MENU Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar Sauce
When the air is edgy and raw...
Papillon Black Label Roquefort is the go to guy when the air is edgy and raw. While the sweet, unpasteurized sheep’s milk tempers the cheese’s piercing blue twang, Roquefort is never afraid to get in your face. Savor with caution. Or abandon. The choice is yours.

ITEM # 353033 4/3 lb
A Boozy Blue, Blu '61
Sometimes a boozy blue is just what the doctor ordered. Blu ’61, made in northern Italy’s Veneto region by La Casearia Carpenedo, is soaked in late harvest Passito di Raboso, infusing the cheese with a winey sweetness. Soft and almost spreadable, this pasteurized cow’s milk blue has the perfect temperament—non-confrontational but definitely no push-over.
058627 – 1/5.5 lb.

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