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Collier's Powerful Story
The ancient Celtic country of Wales, famous for its beauty and musical heritage, has produced cheese for hundreds of years and Cheddar has been a favorite of Welsh families through generations.

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the mountains of South Wales yielded finest quality coal which was exported around the world. The men who mined this coal were called COLLIERS and the work they undertook, in near darkness and extreme conditions, was both hard and hazardous.

For these men, cheese was a staple part of their diet. Not only was it nutritious and easily packable, it possessed an extraordinary taste and made a welcome meal that sustained them through long days underground.
A Unique Cheddar
Collier's Welsh Cheddar 
Crafted to a particular recipe, Collier’s Cheddar is carefully matured to yield an incredible taste sensation. This uniquely powerful cheese produces a fine balance of savory and sweet, without the sharpness that is delivered by many aged cheddars. Collier’s has a distinct texture—open and slightly crumbly—that delivers a smooth and creamy sensation on the palate.

ITEM # 204935  #204933  #204934
Packaging: 12/7 oz  2/5.5 lb  1/44 lb 
Country: WALES 
Type: Hard 
Milk Type: Cow
Perfect in a ploughman’s lunch with sturdy bread, pickled vegetables and chutney, and a must for traditional Welsh rarebit recipes.

Pairings:  English Pale Ales, hard cider, coffee and tea.


Collier's Welsh Butter  
MENU Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar Sauce
Collier’s Welsh Butter was created especially to cater to discerning Welsh taste buds that traditionally like their spread a little saltier.  Unique to the lush valleys of South Wales, where cows graze in a fresh healthy environment in relaxing, spectacular scenery, the recipe combines freshly-churned Carmarthenshire cream with 2% sea salt.  The rich, clean butter flavor is accentuated by a creamy texture and slight crunch from the sea salt crystals.  Collier’s Welsh Butter is churned and packed when fresh at the creamery.

#203808, 10/8 oz

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