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Paradiso Vintage
We love the high quality, crowd-friendly cheeses that Beemster makes with incredibly fresh North Holland cow’s milk. We also love aged Italian cheeses, the more crystallized and rich the better. Enter Paradiso Vintage—the best of both worlds. 
Beemster makes their Italian-inspired Paradiso in the Netherlands. It’s aged for ten months to coax out a sweet, tangy, and complex flavor. It’s wonderfully robust, with a zesty finish.
Paradiso Vintage is perfect for snacking on with antipasti, crusty bread and Pinot Grigio or farmhouse ale. It also melts beautifully. We love this cheese melted on pasta, atop chicken parm, or in a turkey panini. The possibilities are endless.


Wheel: 014031 | 1/24 LB
Quarter Wheel: 733235 | 1/6 LB
R/W retail cut: 733234 | 1/10 LB
E/W retail cut: 733233 | 12/5.3 OZ

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