Edam Loaf, Ammerlander GERMANY
Product Details: #023755 | 4/6.5 lb

Where Loafing is Encouraged 
Ammerland, Germany’s northernmost dairy region, is as flat as a tasty slice of Edam cut from an Ammerländer loaf.  Happy and relaxed cows dot the landscape, lazily grazing on the seemingly endless green pastures for which this region is well known.  

The Ammerländer cooperative has always embraced a natural, sustainable approach to dairy farming, encouraging farmers to let their cows loaf in this pristine natural setting as much as possible.   In turn, the ultra-high quality milk contented Ammerländer cows produce creates wonderful cheese.
With its delicious, mild, nutty flavor and firm texture, Ammerländer’s Edam Loaf has all the hallmarks associated with great Edam.  In loaf form it’s even more perfect for slicing and dicing.
Application: Popular for snacking or filling the “for everyone” place on a cheeseboard, Ammerländer Edam Loaf adds great flavor to sandwiches and salads and shreds well for cooking.  Fruit and nuts make great complements.
Pairing: Perfect with a Dark Ale, but if wine is preferred try it with a Pinot Noir—even better if it is a German Pinot Noir (often called Spätburgunder) then grab it.
Artichoke and Piquillo Tapenade by Del Destino  PERU
Product Details: #420841 | 12/8 oz Tub

Perfect pairings

Legend says tapenade originated in the South of France where, in Provence, caper plants were known as tapeneï and tapeno was the old Provençal word used for the berries.  When farmers preserved the tapeno in tightly packed jugs of olive oil they became crushed together in a paste, forming the basis for the first tapenade.  Today this popular dish is found all over the world with a diverse ingredient list.
Del Destino Artichokes and Piquillo Tapenade is all natural, prepared from a perfectly balanced blend of Piquillo peppers and artichokes, sunflower oil, herbs and spices. A simple and delicious tapenade, pair alongside crackers or crispy artisan bread. Del Destino Artichokes and Piquillo Tapenade is a great marinade or topping for grilled filet or chicken breast.  Lather on a ciabatta roll for a flavorful spread on a toasted Panini with turkey and slices of Ammerlander Edam cheese.
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