Fiery Spice Cheddar by Coombe Castle ENGLAND
Product Details: #204611 | 2/3.5 lb

That's Hot

Coombe Castle takes English Cheddar tradition to red-hot heights with Fiery Spice.  Full-flavored, mature, mild cheddar is combined with a very specific blend of green and red bell peppers, green and red chili peppers and crushed chili and garlic to achieve a thrillingly bold balance of spicy punch and savory cheese.
With ample heat to curry favor among spice enthusiasts, Fiery Spice’s carefully constructed zingy uniqueness will also wow sophisticated flavor seekers.  Speckled throughout with richly colored flecks of red and green, Fiery Spice’s eye-catching presentation matches the zesty excitement enjoyed on the palate.
Application:  Kick up burgers, sandwiches and roasted vegetables, use in favorite nacho, chili and spicy cheese-dip recipes, add innovative flavor to Bruschetta dishes or enjoy as a table cheese with fruit and bread or crackers.
Pairing: Beer and ale make the best companions but if looking for wines, try something that can take the heat like a red Zinfandel.

Pear Mostarda by Lazzaris ITALY
Product Details: #053890 | 12/120 g

Perfect pairings

According to legend, mustarda was first conceived during the middle ages when a slice of melon fell into a spice seller’s barrel of honey.  Discovered a good stretch of time later, the melon was still absolutely delightful, with a perfectly preserved sweet, fresh taste.
Lazzaris started making their outstanding traditional mustardas a little over a century ago and their award-winning, sweet and spicy delicacies continue to dazzle taste-buds all over the world, generation after generation.
With four basic ingredients: Quinces, sugar, candied fruit and
mustard oil, Lazzaris creates an incredible array of specialties.  Their Pear Mustard Sauce is a delicious and fragrant blend of top quality puréed pear and mustard oil with a naturally granular texture.  Pear Mustard Sauce can be enjoyed simply with a robust cheese, or with limitless imagination for hot or cold culinary conceptions. 

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