Fiery Spice Cheddar by Coombe Castle U.K.
Product Details: #204611 | 2/3.5 LB

"That's Hot"

Coombe Castle takes English Cheddar tradition to red-hot heights with Fiery Spice.  Full-flavored, mature, mild cheddar is combined with a blend of fresh green and red bell peppers, green and red chili peppers along with crushed chili and garlic to achieve a thrillingly bold balance of spicy punch and savory cheese.
With ample heat to curry favor among spice enthusiasts, Fiery Spice’s carefully constructed zingy uniqueness will also wow sophisticated flavor seekers.  Richly colored flecks of red and green are speckled throughout giving Fiery Spice’s eye-catching presentation to match its zesty excitement enjoyed on the palate.
Application:  Kick up burgers, sandwiches and roasted vegetables, use in nacho cheese-dip recipes, add innovative flavor to Bruschetta dishes or enjoy as a table cheese with fruit and bread or crackers.
Pairing: Beer and ale make the best companions but if looking for wines, try something that can take the heat like a red Zinfandel.
Classic Bruschette by Lazzaroni ITALY
Product Details: #053989 | 12/5.3 OZ


Perfect pairings

Italian farmers started the tradition of enjoying Bruschetta when breaking with friends and family for snacks or meals by the fire.  Thickly sliced bread was toasted, drizzled with the farm’s olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, then enjoyed with whatever toppings were available.
Making delicious Bruschetta starts with a base that has the right wholesome flavor and crispy texture.  Lazzaroni’s all-natural Classic Bruschette (the plural of bruschetta) are made with high quality Italian wheat and Italian olive oil for the exact desired taste and crispness.
Enjoy Classic Lazzaroni Bruschette traditionally and simply as an Italian snacking bread, or as a neutral base for Fiery Spice Cheddar. Join our social networks!
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