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Mifroma Shredded Gruyere
Crafted since 1115 near the small village of Gruyère in Western Switzerland, this beloved cheese is still made in local dairies according to the original recipe. One of Switzerland’s greatest cheeses, it’s hard not to love Gruyere. It’s buttery and complex, with notes of almond, caramel, and brown butter.
Gruyere from Mifroma is made with the finest fresh milk from cows raised on grass during the summer months, and hay when the weather turns cold. The cheese is aged for five months, then shredded. Anti-caking agents and additives are never used. Mifroma Gruyere earns the certification AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protegée).
This cheese is a superb melter. It lends luscious flavor to fondue, macaroni and cheese, French onion soup, omelets, soufflés and more. It’s the perfect soul-warming cheese for a chilly day.

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