Raclette by Thuaire FRANCE
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Scraping Away the Competition

Originating on the Swiss side of the Alpine border in the 13th century, the famous melting cheese, Raclette, didn’t become officially known by this name (derived from the French verb “racler” meaning “to scrape”) until 1874.  Early farmers and shepherds in the Swiss and French Alps favored this particular cheese recipe not only for its easy, semi-firm transportability but also because when placed by a campsite fire or home hearth, the cheese would melt into delightfully warm and tasty outer layers which would then be scraped by wooden spoon onto bread or the famous potato and pickle dish that is called Raclette. 
Raclette de Savoie is from the French side of the Alps, in France’s Savoie region.  Made with raw cow’s milk and produced in large wheels, the semi-soft, light yellow interior has tiny holes and is protected by an aromatic, inedible, dark-beige rind.  Raclette de Savoie has a mellow, creamy, slightly fruity taste that is neither overly salty nor overly sharp.  Heating the paste also brings out the cheese’s aroma.
Amidst centuries of political struggles, shifting borders and region renaming, this famous mountain melting cheese steadfastly continued to be a cherished part of Alpine culture, with the ancient cheese-making methods passed down from generation to generation (regardless of what side of any border) and the famous dish evolving into one of the world’s most convivial cheese-eating traditions.
Application: Raclette is such a perfect melting cheese that it goes with nearly anything, with limitless culinary applications.  Standout pairings are with potatoes, onions, both pickled and fresh vegetables and cooked or cured meats.  Raclette makes excellent fondue, grilled cheese sandwiches and French onion soup but is also a great table cheese.  Raclette may be thought of first for more wintery fare, but versatility makes Raclette an incredible all-year round cheese.  Raclette is also the centerpiece of Raclette parties, where hosts provide specialized tabletop grills with small pans for guests to heat slices of Raclette over their individual choices of meats and vegetables.
Pairing: Serve with a Savoie wine or a Riesling or for wintry nights, a warm cider.
Date Cake with Walnuts by Don Juan SPAIN
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Perfect pairings

Dates, originally cultivated in the Middle East, were readily embraced when introduced into Spain where they became a nutritious and delicious staple in the cultural diet.
Don Juan Date Cake with Walnuts is 100% natural, using only the highest quality raw ingredients that come together in a harmony of sweet, delicate flavors and aromas. Pressed into a compact terrine with a delightfully soft, moist texture, Don Juan Date Cake with Walnuts is an energy-packed, naturally gluten-free delicacy that usually accompanies a cheese tray but can stand alone as a dessert.
Enjoy with cheese, ice cream or yogurt, or crumble in salads for a delightful touch of sweetness.

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