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Stunning New Packaging for Goat & Sheep Milk Cheese
from Ontario 
Lenberg Farms, the 100-acre goat and sheep farm just outside Lindsay, Ontario is so picturesque it looks like it was created especially for a postcard. Owners Bruce and Sharon Vandenberg make gorgeous cheeses from their herd of Alpine, Saanen, and Toggenburg dairy goats and British milking sheep. The Vandenbergs are obsessed with keeping their animals healthy and happy, and it shows. Their cheeses delight bigtime. 

Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar   
Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar is hand-crafted in small batches with premium goat’s milk. According to old world cheddar tradition, each wheel gets wrapped in cheesecloth and carefully aged on pine boards. The result is a smooth texture, occasionally punctuated by crunchy crystals, and an earthy, nutty and extraordinary flavor.  Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar was an ACS 2016 winner.
Break out a California Merlot, or a Vermont farmstead ale, and perhaps some apple slices. Your new favorite cheddar! 
Item # 063740 1x5kg 

Made from the highest quality blend of sheep and goats milk collected from flocks that graze on local Ontario pastures, each wheel is carefully matured for four months. ZOEY’s harmonious balance between sweet sheep’s milk and tangy goat's milk creates a creamy white paste with a rich, buttery texture that holds hints of grassy notes and subtle woodsy tones. Cured with a hand-washed rind the cheese naturally ripens to enhance the true flavors and pleasant aroma.
Item # 063772 1/4.4lb 

Ashlyn is a soft-ripened chèvre enveloped in a delicate white, bloomy rind, as a layer of vegetable ash cuts through the middle. The ivory-colored interior creates a distinctly tangy, earthy flavor. 
Item # 063743 6/14 oz 

Inspired by the rich sheep’s milk cheeses of Tuscany, Tania is handmade from 100% sheep milk. Sheep’s milk contains abundant fat and protein, yet Tania is mild, luscious and sweet, with notes of toasted hazelnut and just a bit of tang. Open a bottle of Chianti or Zinfandel for the occasion. 
Item # 063742 1/4.4lb 
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