Tomme de Savoie FRANCE
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Humble Alpine Origins

Tomme is derrived from the Savoyard word toma meaning “cheese made in alpine pastures.” The expression became a generic French term for alpine cheeses defined by any or all of the following descriptions: a cheese made in small wheels; a cheese made with milk from several cow herds; a cheese made with left-over skimmed milk from butter production (which would also make the Tomme 20 – 40% lower in fat than other cheeses). Typically a cheese in this style is named Tomme followed by the area of origin. Tomme de Savoie follows the historically common pattern however it is not at all a generic taste.
Known as one of France’s truly great cheeses, Tomme de Savoie is the oldest cheese produced in the Savoie (Savoy is the English spelling) region of the French Alps and gained D.O.P. status in 1996. Still traditionally made with skimmed milk that remains after the cream is taken for butter, this sturdy mountain cheese is pressed then matured for several months. It will continue to develop beautifully with extra aging.
Tomme de Savoie imparts a lovely earthy aroma and has a distinctively rustic, thick and hard, grey-brown rind that is dotted with white-to-grey mould. The semi-firm and smooth straw-colored paste has a delightfully nutty, mild- yet savory flavor reminiscent of the rich, indigenous French alpine flora.
Atalanta’s Tomme de Savoie is also organic, embracing the forward-looking approach to furthering authenticity and environmental protection. Depending on the time of year and what the cows seasonally eat, which is strictly controlled, this Tomme de Savoie’s flavor will take on slightly different characteristics.
Application: Fruit and crusty bread provide outstanding combinations, but very well-known is Tomme de Savoie’s ability to pair deliciously with charcuterie and other meats.
Pairing: Tomme de Savoie pairs divinely with red wine from the Côtes du Rhône region as well as Alsatian Rieslings but the locals most typically eat Tomme de Savoie during their afternoon "mérande” (“tea” in the Savoyard dialect).

Grissini Breadsticks by Azzurro ITALY
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Perfect pairings

Styled after the famous Italian “turinesi” breadsticks that originated from the city of Turin, Azzurro’s all-natural, full-flavored breadsticks are an irresistible snack with a light, delicate and fresh taste. Made from the finest wheat flour, malt and olive oil, Azzurro Grissini Breadsticks are golden and fragrant and have a rich, crispy texture.
Traditionally served with appetizers or antipasto, torinesi breadsticks are made from a recipe that is both easy to digest and designed to not satiate one’s appetite for the rest of the meal. Azzurro Grissini Breadsticks are perfect for the table or salad bar and make a great accompaniment for wine.

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