Garlic & Herb, Plain & Horseradish
Cheese Spreads by Valfrais
Product Details: #354555, 354556, 354554 | 12/4.4 oz

Savoir-Faire Frais

Founded in 1922, Henri Hutin is a family-run Fromagerie located in the Lorraine region of northeastern France and known globally for creating delectable, award-winning cheeses.  
Valfrais is Fromagerie Henri Hutin’s fresh and flavorful line of triple-cream spreadable cheeses.  Made with 100% cow’s milk and absolutely no artificial additives, colorants or preservatives, Valfrais is rich, smooth and delightfully buttery.  Garlic & Herb and Horseradish Valfrais varieties maintain the same signature fresh, creamy tang with the addition of light and delicate flavors that enhance rather than overpower the palate. 
With an exquisite and very complementary taste, Valfrais provides the savoir-faire for any type of gathering and setting.
Application: Spread Valfrais on crackers, crusty bread, bagels and sandwiches or use it to accompany crudité.  Valfrais is also divine for baked and mashed potato dishes, pasta and vegetable dishes, or for adding flavor and richness to sauces and stuffings.
Pairing: Valfrais will pair well with lighter bodied wines like Beaujolais and Sauvignon Blanc. The flavored varieties can stand up well and add dimension to Merlot.

Potato Gnocchi by Del Destino ITALY
Product Details: #056035 | 12/500 gr

Perfect pairings

All natural classic Italian potato gnocchi are made with 80% potato puree.  These treasured dumplings are ideal to garnish in soup or to serve as a substitute for any pasta cut.  Made from potatoes, semolina and a unique flour combination, their texture cooks perfectly al-dente every time with an equally consistent and delicious flavor.  Packaged in an innovative, oxygen-depleted vacuum bag they are convenient to store and ideal for retail shelves.

Application: Easy to prepare, simply drop them into a pot of boiling water for 2 minutes, drain, and top with Valfrais Garlic & Herb cheese spread for a quick meal sure to please.

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