Moroccan Spice Cheddar by Coombe Castle ENGLAND
Product Details: #204598 | 2/3.5 lbs

Exotic Essential

Adding spice enriches and invigorates life. Coombe Castle Moroccan Spice cheese is designed for this very purpose.
Traditional English cheddar is carefully blended with Harissa, a combination of Moorish spices widely used in Moroccan cuisine. Comprised of paprika, oil, garlic, rose petals, coriander, turmeric, salt and other North African spices, Harissa is mixed into a red-hot paste then carefully introduced to the mild cheddar. The result is a surprising, warm zingy cheese that awakens with its aroma and intrigues the taste buds.
Unique and engaging, Coombe Castle Moroccan Spice makes life that much more interesting.
Application: Exciting simply as a table cheese, Moroccan Spice can raise the hot tang bar for many dishes such as: mac & cheese, omelets and deviled eggs and adds distinctive flavor as a chicken, lamb and steak topping.
Pairing: A rich fruit forward wine like an Australian Shiraz or a California Chardonnay will complement, while not being overwhelmed by the spices.
Carli Olive Spread by Fratelli Carli ITALY
Product Details: #057885 | 4/4.6 oz

Perfect pairings

For over 100 years Fratelli Carli has been dedicated to delivering the best quality and best tasting Italian products imaginable. 
Fratelli Carli's Olive Spread is a delicious specialty. The sauce is made with carefully ripened olives and extra virgin olive oil that are puréed to a fine, smooth paste with a clean and pure olive flavor.
Carli Olive Spread is ideal for slathering on toast, crusty bread and crackers, as an accompaniment to cheese or a condiment for vegetables, fish or meat and will add wonderful flavor to many meat or pasta dishes. 

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