Fresh Cheese with Hot Peppers by Zappala ITALY
Product Details: #054059 | 1/26 lb

Fresh and Hot

For Sicilian cheese, fresh and hot are definitely delicious attributes. Notable Sicilian cheese producer, Zappala, receives daily deliveries of fresh milk from sheep and goats that free-graze Sicily’s distinct Mediterranean countryside.
Formaggio Fresco con Peperoncino is a minimally aged blend of sheep and goat’s milk, skillfully combined with chili peppers. The sweet, savory cheese holds the aroma and flavors of Sicily’s unique bio diverse landscape, and is pleasantly foiled by the hot pepper infusion. The straw colored interior is patterned with an array of free-spirited red pepper dots for a striking appearance.
Application: This fresh mixed-milk cheese with chili pepper can be used to spice up traditional Sicilian dishes such as: eggplant parmigiana, Sicilian pizza, fried rice balls, vegetable fritters and many other pasta, risotto and egg dishes. It can also be shaved over salads, soups and stews.
Pairing: Bold red wines like a Sicilian Nero d’Avola or a robust Australian Shiraz will stand up to and complement both the sweet and the hot flavors of Formaggio Fresco con Peperoncino.
Porchetta Roasted Pork by Fontana ITALY
Product Details: #050734 | 2/7.5 LB 

Perfect pairings

Ermes Fontana, the patriarch of these famous Italian hams, dedicated his life to producing the highest quality charcuterie products with strict attention paid to detail. From their prized Prosciutto di Parma to a new line of deli meats, Fontana has continually produced quality products from the Parma region in Emilia-Romagna. 

Porchetta is a sweet and delicate roasted pork which is then stuffed with a bounty of herbs, including garlic, juniper and rosemary. A beautiful meat to include as part of a special meal occasion, or to create an upscale panini sandwich. 


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